Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Safety Tips: Road Trip Safety

We are well into summer now and just because you don’t have the time to make a full getaway doesn’t mean you have to stay home all summer long. Taking the family on a weekend road trip can be just as fun and with less cost. Families across the country usually gear up for a city nearby or a close attraction that the whole family will enjoy. Road trips are fun, however before you and your family head out the door they’re some important safety tips you should keep in mind.

Be cautious of the weather
It is important to make note of driving conditions before heading out. A storm while driving can impede and slow your vacation. Look out for thunderstorms, flood warnings and other factors.

Make sure your car is reliable
One of the worst things that can happen throughout a road trip is your car breaking down. You never want to go on a long road trip with an unreliable car that is at risk of breaking down. It is important to make sure everything is running properly. You should make sure of the following before heading out:
  • ·      Properly inflated tires
  • ·      Tread levels on tire
  • ·      Car seats if needed
  • ·      Gas levels
  • ·      Oil level
  • ·      Possible tools needed for tire change

What you should carry in your car
 A safety kit for you car is always important. Make sure you have these helpful items before for you embark on your trip:
  • ·      First aid kit
  • ·      Extra Phone charger
  • ·      Waters
  • ·      Non-perishable foods
  • ·      A flashlight
  • ·      Blankets

Some of the best memories are made during road trips. Make sure your trip goes smoothly and you’re prepared for any complications.

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