Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Accident during Uber or Lyft

Ride sharing has become a huge phenomenon over the course of the last 2 years. Über, Lyft and other ridesharing enterprises have spread across the globe rapidly. It’s popularity strives on its convenience and relatively low prices – users are allowed to request a ride from their smartphone app. Users are picked up at any location and prices can be lower than taxis in some cities. This new business model has gotten a lot of pushback and scrutiny from the taxi industry. Which also brings up the question of, what if you’re hurt in a car crash while riding Über?

Über classifies its drivers as independent contractors, or third-party service providers. In other words, Über drivers are not Über employees. The classification of the law is weary and some specialist my object but it also has an impact on Ubers liability.

So what happens when you are involved in a crash during a Über ride?

Ø  Über passengers are covered up to $1 million. It covers the passenger regardless if the other non-Über driver caused the crash.

What happens if you’re a pedestrian or the driver or passenger of the other car involved?

Ø  The issue begins on whether or not the driver was on duty. Über will cover this incident up to $1 million. But if the driver was off duty, you’re stuck with the driver’s personals insurance coverage like any other accident.

Über has three parts to covering their drivers and passengers. Stage 1: Available period, the period that you’ve become an active driver but have not been requested a ride.  During this circumstance drivers are covered by their own personal insurance plus additional contingent liability coverage. Stage 2: En route, you’ve been requested a ride and are en route to pick up the rider. This stage also includes stage 1 personal insurance since a passenger hasn’t been picked up. The coverage can go upwards to $50,000 per injury for a total of $100,000, if the driver’s personal insurance doesn’t cover the issue.  Stage 3: On trip, you have picked up the rider and are en route to their destination. When drivers have picked up their passenger they are covered by a 1 million-liability coverage policy and a 1 million-uninsured/underinsured coverage policy (in case of insurance type).

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