Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jet Ski Safety

Jet skis offer a unique way to explore the water; they also carry a hefty risk. While increased speed and size can be fun, they can also be extremely dangerous for inexperienced individuals. When power, speed and water combine with human error, miscalculation can be the difference between life and death. With the proper safety precautions, and knowing your own limits, you can avoid associating them with a horrific accident instead of a day you’re stoked to be out on the wakes. Here are 5 Jet Ski safety tips that can save not only your life, but also that of everyone else out on the water with you.

Wear a Lifejacket
Long gone are the days of orange flotation devices flung around your neck. Spend the $30-$100 bucks and get a nice life vest. They’re light, comfortable, and easy to maneuver in and you can even buy one to match your ski. Not to mention, they make you float; which is ideal should you become unconscious in the water.

Avoid Distractions
You’ll look like a complete jerk when you cut somebody off, or worse, hit a down water skier because you weren’t paying attention. Safe Jet Ski operation requires your full attention.

Put away your Ego
Getting cocky at the helms of a jet ski is when you’ll end up giving too much throttle, too little stopping distance, or too quick of a turn and end up in an position you’d rather not be. Ego is a danger when it comes to any motorized sport, but when the risk of drowning is nearby, you best check your big britches at the beach.

Be Safe
 Jet skis come with safety precautions, like a kill switch, to help avoid accidents. Take the proper precautions to always attach your safety lanyard to the kill switch, know how to bail if need be, and never put more people on a watercraft than it is approved for.

Don’t drink alcohol
If you plan to operate a personal watercraft, you’ll need quick reaction times for stopping, turning and maneuvering to avoid collisions. A few beers won’t help you with that so save the brews for when you’re back on the beach for good.

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