Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3 Tips To Avoid Premises Liability At Your Home.

Premises liability laws can hold you responsible for accidents that happen on your home property. Property owners have a duty to reasonably maintain, operate and design property to keep it safe for visitors. They must be knowledgeable for known dangers and post warnings of hazardous areas. It’s important that you regularly check your entire property so you can detect any dangerous conditions before they could lead to accidents. Having some easy repairs completed could prevent a costly lawsuit on your hands.

Here are three tips on what to look for:

1. Inspect Your Home Weekly

A house can always look cozy, clean, neat, or fashionable but that’s not what keeps the house safe. Look for indoor issues such as loose or damaged electrical wiring (Most house fires are caused by), plumbing issues (Running toilet, leaky pipes, clogged drains, etc.), and water pipes to prevent water intrusion into the home structure. Outdoors issues to look for include heating/cooling system defects from improper installations, inadequate maintenance, and aged components (Which are the most common), roof damage (Roof leaks, roof punctures, blistering, shrinkage, etc.), the driveway (poor pavement, cracks, potholes), and overall structural damage (Walls, chipped paint, leakage, mold, termites, etc.).

2. Perform Necessary Repairs

When you find anything needing repairs from your weekly inspections, make sure to get them done as soon as possible no matter how minor the issue is. If you’re not very experienced at home repair or unfamiliar with repair tools, you should get a professional to perform any minor, major, or more complicated repairs.

3. Use Signs To Surround Repairs That Are Not Complete

In the case that you have guests entering your home or property, have signs surrounding the areas that need or are in the process of being repaired. For areas pertaining water damages you would purchase a caution sign (Wet floor), outdoor areas should be surrounded by yellow caution tape and if necessary a Hard hat caution sign. If the funds are low, you can simply create a sign with a marker, paper, and tape. The sign should be large, readable, and warns the guests of the hazardous area.

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