Friday, December 18, 2015

How To Avoid Holiday-Related Accidents

The Holiday Season comes with much activities, festivities, and sometimes even injuries. This is the time of the year where most accidents, whether they be vehicle or slip-and-fall accidents, occur. It’s important to know common accidents related to the holiday season so that you can use extra caution in the future and keep yourself and your family safe. Here are some tips to stay safe the rest of this year according to the most common accidents:

Car Accidents
Car accidents are the most common during the fall and winter season. Thanksgiving is one of the days of the year when most accidents due to drunk driving occur. The entire holiday season is basically riskier than any other time of the year. There is more traffic than usual, more people are traveling and are in a rush to get to their families. There’s a lot more stress on the road. Some tips for staying safe on the road:
-       Lose the distractions. Don’t use your phone, eat, or perform any other activity that takes away your undivided attention from the road. It’s important to be well aware of everything when driving, especially during a busy time on the road.
-       No impaired driving. That not only refers to drugs/alcohol but also drowsy driving. Always be well rested and in a full-functioning state of mind.
-       Be prepared. You can be prepared by checking the weather, having a first aid kit, and by having food and water in your car.
-       Drive carefully. The more caution you use, the less likely you should be of getting in an accident.

Falling While Decorating
Think about it. People are getting up on ladders and roofs, trying to install lights and holiday decorations, and that can be very risky. This tends to send many people to the hospital each year, as trips and falls can lead to serious sprains and injuries. Here are some things to keep in mind when putting up Christmas decorations:
-       Make sure the ladder, stool, or whichever surface you’re stepping on is stable and secure.
-       Act carefully. Take your time. Don’t try to do things fast – that may just make it more likely for you to lose your grip/balance and fall.
-       Have assistance. It helps to have an extra hand. You can have someone reach you things while you’re high up so that you don’t have to keep coming down or trying to reach for something yourself.

House Fires
Fires occur during this time of the year mainly because of elaborate meals that are being cooked in the kitchen and people leave the kitchen unattended. Many fires ignite from Christmas trees and Christmas lights as well. Here’s what you can do to prevent a fire in your home:
-       Make sure you water your Christmas tree. Keep the tree stand filled with water. When trees dry out they can become a serious fire hazard.
-       Look out for any broken bulbs or damaged wires on Christmas tree lights. If you find any lights that are damaged, throw them away.
-       When you’re not home or when asleep, make sure you turn the Christmas tree lights and any other decoration lights off.
-       Keep candles in a spot where they cannot be knocked over and make sure they are blown out when unattended.
-       Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking.
-       Make sure smoke alarms are connected and working.
-       Keep a fire extinguisher at home.

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